Sunday, September 28, 2008

My first weekend on the "Job"

I am so happy to have finally started my internship! After the drama of last weekend, I met w/ the owner and we worked it all out. So I started decorating cakes right away 6am Sat morning. I didn't take any pics, but if you go to Pierre's website, you can see what they look like and i basically did that until 11am. Manny (the baker) and I started working with fondant right after. I was so super excited b/c I have NEVER used the stuff before. I thought it was just for practice until after I did the bottom tier of the Styrofoam mold. Then he told me it was for the bridal show they were going to the next day! I kinda freaked out cuz I knew that people would be looking at it, judging it to decide it they wanted to go to Pierre's for their cake. Well, it obviously came out great, as you can see from the pics below. We made a basic icing and piped it onto the cake in a random pretty design. Manny did the design. I dotted it though! You should have seen the practice designs I did. Whew, they were horrible! I spelled my name and Manny's nice and pretty though! :)

So I left at 4. I was wiped out. So tired and when I went home to shower and get ready for my cousin's party, I fell out the of tub b/c I was so tired. Yeah, my ankle swelled nice and softball-ish, but it went back to normal by the time I woke up. So I go in at 6am and true to his word, Manny was already there. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed to my sleepy droopy eyed self.
We started working on some of the display cake and pastries, just going over them to make sure they were presentable for the day.
Then we started on the pastries for the event, which I was serving at. Manny made mousse and cake desserts (you can see them below). So we made the toppings b/c Manny likes them big and tall! We melted down white chocolate and took some plastic sheets and covered them w/ gold dust and candy paints, all swirled around. Then I took the white chocolate and spread out a thin layer on top. We let it harden a bit and cut it up for decorations. You can see them below. We did some different designs, all at the direction of Manny, who btw is only 26, but has been doing this since he was 12! I joked w/ him that he is only a year older than me, but I still have 14 yrs to get to his caliber of artistry... I don't know I'll ever be that good! Maybe he'll level out and I'll finally catch up to him one day....
Anyways, so we had strawberry mousse, strawberry mocha mousse, vanilla and mocha mousse, pistachio and mocha mousse, mango mousse and chocolate mousse. Gorgeous desserts and the brides en haled them!!!

And I learned that there really is a Pierre! He is Manoli's (the owner) son. He is 20 yrs old and apparently, perpetually late. But he helped me out as we tried to figure out how to cut the cake he brought from the Blue Island location w/out it falling apart and making a huge mess (Believe me, there was a mess. It just wasn't as big as it would have been if it was only one of us...) I wish my camera didn't die before I got a picture of the cake he brought that the Blue Island chef made.... It was nice and basic mint green four-tiered yellow cake. And it was very good!
So I am home now, crazy tired, but I am still staying up to make some apple crisp before our apples go bad.
This day is never ending!!!!

And Go Bears!!!!

Our display
My fake cake :)
This was the strawberry mousse
Pistachio and mango mousses
Vanilla mocha mousse

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kristine said...

Those treats look so yummy! Great job!