Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Georgie pictures!

World, meet little Georgie!!!! Isn't he adorable?

Mommy Rita w/ baby Georgie and Big Sister Gabby. Me with little Georgie after dinnerHe is the sweetest little baby ever. He looks more like mommy than daddy, so that's a good thing! He has lightened up a bit; he's now only 7 lbs. He is close to being jaundice, so the docs have a very specific feeding schedule and has to have formula after being breast fed, so we're all keeping our fingers crossed he gets better. Gabby was jaundice when she was born and that was scary enough!
He has the quietest cry too. Gabby was a loud one (still is!!!) but Georgie has a lower toned scream, which I am sure is more pleasant for his mom and dad. And Gabby happily ignores him, staying in her own little world most of the time. Rita did say that at one time, Georgie was crying and she tried to put the pacifier in his mouth, ever so gently and carefully.


Ivy said...

Little Georgie is so cute. Na sas zisei.

NikiTheo said...

Thank you!!!

pixen said...

awwwww... he's so adorable. Congratulations to both parents and you as his godmother! I guessed he's going to be the shy one compared to his sister?

My son had light jaundice at 4th day of birth due to Blood incompatibility with my blood type. He was put under UV light for 3 days and he was fine. Normally, in tropical countries we put jaundice baby under UV in hospitals or if it's light, we took baby (without clothes) out for a sun-bathing between 8 am and 11 am couple of days, the jaundice would gone.