Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My birthday weekend!!!

So this weekend had nearly nothing to do with baking, but there were some baked goods!!!

Friday, we went to go see Last House on the Left (not bad, and way better than the 1972 version!) Then I got two new tattoos... My friend Danielle came with and also got two of her own. My poor bf's hand was squeezed like mad while I got the first one, but I was in so much more pain than he was, so I don't feel as bad ;)

I got a cute little star and flower design I saw in an ad a while back on my foot. The foot is a bit swollen and the picture isn't the greatest, but you can see the basic gist of it.

My foot is really kinda swollen, which I've heard is normal for foot tattoos (?). It appears to be healing nicely though. :) It's just a matter of wearing shoes that don't cover it so they don't scratch the heck out of it!!! But it makes for a great excuse to buy more shoes! Yay!

The second on I got was on the left shoulder blade and it's a dove w/ an olive branch. That one stung more so afterward than while it was being done. Matt did a great job (as usual) on it.

After we got our tattoos, the three of us were STARVING!!! So we went down the street to Kuma's... Mmm... Kuma's... I got the mac and cheese w/ bacon and scallions (it was after midnight so not technically Friday anymore...) w/ a pretzel roll on the side. They serve all of their sandwiches on pretzel rolls and I love them so much and had to have one... Danielle said that it was the best burger she's ever had.

Saturday, Heather and I met on the train to head up to 1154 Lill Studio on Armitage for Nancy's party. I can't wait to get my Hadley purse!!! I'm also going to be having a Lill party in April, so if you are interested, let me know!!! They have locations in other states in the US, so if you're not from around here, go check them out online!

Well, Heather and I missed our train(s) by seconds so we have a couple hours to spare before we could get another one. So we went walking, searching for a shoes store (mind were killing me since I ran in them, and they ARE NOT running shoes). Well, apparently on a Sat night in the middle of the financial district, not much is open. Except for Subway and McD's. We grabbed some food at Subway's and trekked back to the train station.
On the way, we saw this:
Now, I realize that some people call it "soda", some call it "coke" and some people (like Heather and me) call it "pop" This debate came up b/w Heather and our friend Jeremiah. He calls it "soda" what do you guys call it? I'm just curious. But I thought that seeing this add right after we had our little debate was funny. :)

We went to Stir Crazy for my birthday dinner on Sunday night, but nothing exciting there...

Monday we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch... And there is a new cheesecake, the 30th Anniversary Edition. It is four layers, two of fudge cake and two of plain cheesecake, alternating. YUM. It is so decadent, I could only have two bites before I put it back in the fridge. And I had one bite this morning before leaving for work. Yum. Seriouly, one bite a day will make me a happy person this week. :) It's definitely something I plan on trying to make soon... And after work tonight, I'm getting a massage w/ mom. I love self pampering. :)

I'm also house/cat sitting this week. Little Rachel (yeah I know, I didn't name her!!!) was bit freaked out with me at first, but she loves me now. I was watching TV last night and she climbed up on the couch, crawled under my blanket and curled up next to my legs. Isn't she adorable??? Yeah, Beck and Lucky are gonna come back from their honeymoon and not going to be able to find their cat... Cuz I'm gonna catnap her!!! She slept on head last night. So cute!!!

Anyways, once I get back home, I'm gonna make come chocolate pomegranate cupcakes w/ vanilla cream cheese frosting. Check back for the recipe soon!


Jaime said...

chocolate pomegranate cupcakes? yum!

Maria said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Hope you had a great birthday ... many, many more!

hornedfroggy said...

I loooooooove 1154 Lill Studio bags... the owner is a cousin of a very good friend of mine (who introduced me to the bags several years ago)! Have fun at your parties and thanks for stopping by My Baking Heart!! :)