Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need a break!!!

I need a break. Just like the title says. I almost had a break at the end of July, but things fell through b/c my boyfriend just had to go buy a house! Okay, so the house is way more important, but I was sooo looking forward to that weekend trip. :(

You see, I've had a medically stressful year. I started (literally) the new year w/ a horrible eye pain and vision loss that turned out to be optic neuritis and was in the hosp for a few days, on heavy doses of steroids and ibuprofen and had to take additional medicine for the heartburn the meds were giving me. I ended up w/ bronchitis a few days later and was given antibiotics and cough medicine. I spent most of January on at least 3 different medicines at the same time...

A couple months goes by and no major issues. In March, I got a tattoo on my foot and when the tattoo healed, the swelling didn't go down. After four months (yes, FOUR MONTHS) the second podiatrist I saw diagnosed me with severe tendonitis in my right foot. I am stuck in gym shoes (that cost me $140, but they are awesome New Balance shoes, so hopefully worth it) and compression socks for the next couple of weeks (btw, I work in a business dress environment, which means NO GYM SHOES! My boss is not thrilled...) After the swelling has reduced enough to his satisfaction, I am out of the gym shoes and compression socks (which, btw, are costing me $60 a pair since they are not covered by health insurance) but then I am in flat comfort shoes w/ orthotics that are being made special for my feet. Those, thankfully, are covered by my insurance at 100% (I hope, cuz they told me the compression socks were covered too!). Did I also mention that at night I have to wear leg splints that will be keeping my feet at a proper angle or whatever so that I can quit getting leg cramps in the middle of the night that are so bad I am screaming in pain while my dad has to rub them out cuz I can't move? My doc thinks they are caused by the lack of Vitamin B-12 in my system. Not that it has been confirmed, but maybe I'll find out soon enough.

So onto the newest unknown. I guess it's not really a new unknown, per se, but I've finally decided that it is bothersome enough to find out what is going on.

For the last few months, food has been making me sick. You know that full feeling you get after you know you have eaten WAY too much? The feeling that you've eaten so much so fast that it is backed up in your chest and throat, waiting for the rest of it to digest so it can go down? Okay, maybe you haven't ever felt like that, and for those of you looking at the computer funny right now- you are so lucky... I get that feeling every single time I eat. At first, it was only once in a while. Then more often, and now it seems that I am lucky to have finish a rare meal that I don't feel sick afterwards. It's like a heavy full feeling, causing cramps in my stomach and that nauseous feeling in my chest and throat, but it's an empty feeling too. Almost like I'm hungry sick. But the smell of food, the intake of food, even the thought of food makes me break out in a nauseous sweat.

So a few of the ideas have been either that I have ulcers, which wouldn't be too far off since my dad had them pretty bad, so bad they ruptured (or something like that, I was pretty young whe he was in the hospital for it). The inside of my stomach lining could be corroded from the mass quantities of medicines that have been passing through my system in the last 8 months. Someone mentioned Crohn's disease. Someone else said acid reflux, but I don't have the pain they were describing.

Anyways, I finally decide to call my PCP and he is on vacay until next Monday. Blah. So I wait...

Until then... I bake!

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Conor said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of this, you poor thing! Fingers crossed you get to the bottom of it, I know from experience you sometimes have to keep pushing with doctors until you find someone who actually listens.

Hope you get your break soon!!