Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Cookies Part 3- Apple-doodles

Haha, so these were supposed to be something else entirely. Okay, well, not entirely, but they were supposed to be spritz cookies. Which probably would have gotten me more cookies. Oh well, this way worked out too and they were so good! I was kinda surprised b/c in all honestly, I thought they'd just be eh. Really. Eh.

One of my co-workers made these before the holiday (the correct, spritz way) and she loved them and I still had some apple butter left from Apple Holler, my favorite apple orchard.
So this recipe was found on the Wilton website here and I didn't make any changes to the list of ingredients. The only difference was I rolled them into balls, pressed them into a bowl full of cinnamon sugar and then baked them for about 12-15 min.
They stay pretty fluffy, so I probably should have made them smaller and smooshed them a bit flatter and I would have gotten more out of them, but oh well. they were good and I know what to do the next tme around.

By the way, the reason why I didn't spritz them is b/c my mother broke the cookie press I had and didn't tell me. It was a cordless one from Wilton and I'm not exactly sure what she did, but I think it had something to do when she washed it... Bad mommy. Oh well, it probably would have taken 5 hours to do it that way anyway w/ clean up and all, so this way worked just as well!

These cookies are dense and chewy and cinnamon-y. The cinnamon sugar mix didn't caramelize as much as I would have liked on the top, but that's ok. They were still good and they held their shape well.



Ivy said...

Never heard of apple butter before but I am sure these must tasted great.

Erica said...

I love apple butter!!!! Those cookies sound delicious.

NikiTheo said...

Ivy, Apple butter is delicious! It's great on toast, bagels, muffins... It's a really nice spread essentially. I've also got an apple butter pie (apple butter instead of pumpkin) that I'm making soon.
And these cookies were great! Very moist and dense and yummy! :)

NikiTheo said...

Ivy- here's a link to the apple butter recipe my friend used recently and it was great-

Of course, you can make your own spice mix in there.

Karly said...

Ooh, those sound good! Apple butter in a cookie? Yum!

megan said...

these are so unique! I love apple butter :)

Ivy said...

Thanks for the links Niki.