Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Giveaway on She's becoming DoughMessTic!

http://www.doughmesstic.net/2010/03/05/its-good-to-have-friendsSo there is this AWESOME giveaway on her website.  Go check out the details, but make sure that when you do, you say that you saw this on Niki Theo's blog! 

You can win a KitchenAid mixer for yourself and one for me!!!  I think this is a win-win situation, don't you?

Check it out here:



frabala said...

What a pitty.... Late saw this post and the kitchen aid gone!

Mary said...

I missed the drawing this time, but I'll be back often so as not to miss the next. Niki, I'll also be back because I really like your blog. Have a great day...Mary