Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm alive!

Well, barely...

In my last post I mentioned that I was in the hospital. That was an adventure... Well, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and they needed to give me an IV of steroids for three days to help with the inflammation of my optic nerve. So I got out and was taking steroid pills until yesterday. Apparently, steroids increase you chances of picking up infections b/c it decreases the body's ability to fight them off. So I now have acute tracheal bronchitis. I have almost no voice and can't stop coughing for the life of me. But I'm on the Z-pack and some other stuff, so hopefully, I'll be better soon... But in the meantime, I am bored out of my mind since I am not allowed to go to work... I made an Oreo cheesecake (yum) this week and making cookies today... Pictures and recipes will be up soon.

Thank you all for the prayers and wishes for good health! As soon as I know more on what is causing the optic neuritis, I'll let you know!!!


Ivy said...

I was thinking of you Niki an praying. I am glad you are back feeling much better but take it easy.

NikiTheo said...

Thank you so much Ivy!!!
I am taking it easy, I am just getting bored over here!