Monday, June 15, 2009

Becky and Lucky's Wedding reception!!!

My awesome friends Becky and Lucky got married on the Dauphin Island back on 3/22/09 (my birthday!!). I house and cat sat for them while they spent a week and a half getting married and vacationing on that beautiful island...

Becky and I met back in my rental days with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. She started about 9 months after I did and we started getting close when I would help out at the branch she was at. Becky knew Lucky from her high school days, but they never really hung out or anything. He moved onto the military (Go Lucky!) and she went to school for math and education. Somehow she ended up at Erac w/ me. :)

The two of them managed to find their way into each other's lives and it was at the perfect time for Becky! She was soooo anti-love and marriage (I was all pro-love and marriage and she would pretend to gag when I talked about boys). She met Lucky and all that went away when she realized she couldn't be without him. (Somehow during that time, I became anti-love and marriage, although I don't remember why... anyways, it was pretty funny when I would mimic her gagging everytime she talked about him...)

So they got married in March, moved into an awesome apartment after and are now living happily ever after with their sweet little kitty. They had their reception at her parents place this past Saturday and it was a blast... I catered the desserts (check out the following blog). It was an awesome time with good food catered and fantabulous dessert (If I do say so myself!)

Becky and me
Me and my babycakes. My shoes were so damn cute!!!! :) See above^^^^
The happy coupleLucky feeding Becky cake and her trying not to get it all over her face!

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