Monday, September 14, 2009

Delicious Raspberry Cookies

I saw these awesome cookies not too long ago and at first I was a bit skeptical b/c I hadn't heard of a couple of the ingredients before, but after chatting a bit w/ the blog writer, I just HAD to make them. The cookie is fantastic. The only change I made was that I used brown sugar instead of tagatose sweetener, only b/c I couldn't find it. But the found spelt flour and I am hooked. I made these at the end of my detox and it was my first sweet treat (other than the disastrous black bean brownies). I picked up the ingredients and trekked home to make them. Unfortunately, my raspberries were less than ideal and I had to go out again to pick up more. Those weren't much better. So I cut the berries in half to make them spread out in the batter more. I made 23 cookies, but there probably would have been more if I made them all the same size! The cookie was so thick and fluffy, it really could have been a muffin top. But it had a bit of a biscuit-y texture too. Not super biscuit-y but a bit. The taste was light and airy and the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

I just wish my chocolate chop cookies would be this thick!!!

My only beef w/ these cookies is that you definitely need to eat them the day you bake them! They definitely weren't dry cookies, but they weren't very moist andwet. But when I wrapped them to take to work the next day, they got ery soggy :( I don't know if it was b/c they weren't 100% cooled off when I tossed them in the baggie, but I'll try it out w/ a couple cookies next time and see what happens.

These are definitely on my make over and over list!!! Enjoy!!!


Ivy said...

The cookies sound great. I think they got soggy because they were still warm when you put them in the bag.

Peabody said...

Maybe you can throw a little mascarpone cheese in them. That always makes for a soft cookie.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I made those cookies too :) I actually gave them to someone as a gift. I put my cookies in a vintage box and they looked amazing. have a look:


Lori said...

The key I think to thick choc chip cookies is vegetable shortening rather than butter. Does the trick I think.

Now these cookies look amazing and I love raspberries!