Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary to my Babes!!!!

So this is a sort of food post!!!  The love of my life and I celebrated our one year anniversary (which is today) last night.  We actually have a two-fer celebration, we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner last night and we're going to Ron White on June 4th! 

Dinner was amazing, and seriously if you have never been to a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse before and there is one nearby, go!!!  It is delicious!!!

We went for the first time in KY this past October.  He spent hours and hours driving down to Irvington to go camping on his property only for it to be pouring rain all day, so we skipped camping for a hotel and haunted houses in Louisville.  He was so disappointed about not camping so I took him to Ruth's Chris to make it all better. 

I've been to TONS of steakhouses before.  Tons.  I've been to Morton's, Krapil's, Harry Caray's, Jack Gibbons...  to name a few.  I have yet to try Gibson's, but one day.  Maybe.

Anyways, back to the food.  Ruth's Chris has been around for 45 years, w/ over 100 locations.  That just goes to show you how DELICIOUS their food is. 
Their steak is brought out on a plate that reaches a temperature of 500 degrees F.  The steak is literally sizzling on the plate as it is being brought out.  The steak continues to sizzle as you cut into your first bite... second bite...  I'm not even sure when it stopped sizzling b/c I was in such a state of bliss. 

I would like to say that I would try something new every time I go somewhere. But since this place isn't an everyday (hell, maybe once a year) place, I stuck with what made me happy last time.

They have something called Ruth's Classics.  It's a menu that you choose the starter, either a specific soup or salad, then the main meat, there are four meats for $39.95 and another four for $49.95, then one side and then a dessert.

You can substitute for a charge, which neither of us really cared about.  For us, last night it was about having everything and anything we wanted. 

I chose the Harvest Salad again.  OMG, I dare say it was even better than the last time.  I'm not joking when I say I will drive the hour out there to specifically buy a couple of these salads for work lunches throughout the week.  Not kidding. 
Mike had the Steak House Salad with blue cheese dressing. 
For our main course, I had the 11oz Filet and Green beans with roasted garlic (and i mean there were like 10 cloves of fresh roasted garlic in there!!!).
Mike had the 16oz Ribeye and Sweet Potato Casserole. 
Sweet Jesus.  Let me tell you this, it didn't look just like this picture.  It looked about 4,000 times better.  The top crust is brown sugar and pecans and deliciousness.  Thankfully, we shared our sides and it was pretty even in splitting this.  I can tell you right now, if he hadn't shared, I might have stabbed him with my fork.  No joke.

For dessert, it comes with this cute little chocolate cake w/ a side of fresh berries in a sweet cream sauce.  Mike got that, but I opted to get Creme Brulee. 
Okay, now this picture.  Oh, this is EXACTLY what it looked like.  Pure decadent deliciousness.  I mean really people, this was pure sin. 
Thank God Mike doesn't like creme brulee b/c if I was making this at home...  oh Lord, let's not think about those arteries...

I cannot tell you how hard it was to get up, nor how much it hurt to sit up in the car on the way home.  I was sooooo full, but it's ok since I ate nothing all day in preparation.

I really think that next time, I am just going to have steak and a side.  I really think that dessert put my WELL over the edge of fullness.  But omg, it was so worth it!  Who am I kidding, I'm so gonna get it again!!!

So here is to the most wonderful man in the world by my side, through all the good times and bad, through nearly killing each other while remodeling a house, through the moments of pure bliss and the moments of quiet splendor...  Happy Anniversary my love.  I love you more than anyone can love another, and I never want to go through life without you by my side.

Okay, no more sappy boring pictures  :)

Happy Anniversary Babes!!!


Margarita said...

Love you both! Happy Anniversary-- and many more! Just give me some time to lose this baby weight before I have to look hot at your you know what!

Ivy said...

Happy Anniversary Niki. May you have many more together. You are such a wonderful couple.