Monday, May 31, 2010

Paula Deen's Blueberry Muffins

Okay, so this is going to be quick and to the point.  These muffins are not good as the recipe is written. 

My mother made them with the blueberries she just bought (don't worry, she's making up for the horrible muffins by making her yummy pie that I am having the tiniest sliver from b/c the BBQ sauce on the ribs we had for dinner had WAY too many calories).  She was so super excited about them b/c she loves watching her make stuff and things, well, this has tons of fat in it, it has got to be good!

Well, apparently, she didn't remember the chocolate cream cheese pound cake.

She remembers now.

Well, the problem with this recipe is that it is so bland.  There is NO FLAVOR in the muffin.  NONE. 
The blueberries taste all good, but the muffin isn't all blueberry.  There is batter.  Flavorless, gag me batter.  It's a soft muffin, don't get me wrong.  But it tastes like metal (from the 2 TABLESPOONS of baking powder) and nothing else.  There is no salt in the muffin, no vanilla, and just plain white sugar.

If you are going to make these muffins, please, cut the baking powder to 2 tsp, add at least a tablespoon of vanilla and use either salted butter or add a tsp of salt. 

Also, if you are going to add the sugar on the top, do it before 10 mins of baking time or it won't stick to the top.  You can either add them after 5-6 mins, or (even better idea for more flavor) dip the top of the fully baked muffins in melted butter then dip them into some brown sugar w/ a speckling of cinnamon.  That would be good.

Okay, I'm done warning you guys.  I'm gonna go help her make blueberry pie now. Ciao.



Ivy said...

Mmmm, I am craving these. It's hard to be on a diet.

NikiTheo said...

So true, which is why I was very glad these weren't good!