Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend 3 at Pierre's

Hmmm... this weekend at Pierre's. I busted my ass. My very bruised ass. (See preivous blog entry)

I'm just going to post pics today. I'm wiped out and need to get some rest before I go to Fireside. (Yea, Fireside!!!)
Almond cookies, dipped in chocolate and almonds (above)

Almond cookies, dipped in chocolate and toasted butterscotch coconut (above)
Boxed cookies, on top, almond cookies, covered in almonds and powdered sugar
More boxed cookies, chocolate chip on top of butter cookies.
Manny w/ his Manny-quin. Don't ask!!!


Ivy said...

Hi Niki. I love these cookies. Have you made them?

NikiTheo said...

Actually, I made them that day!