Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend at Pierre's.....

First of all, I am FREEZING!!!

So last weekend was Sweetest Day.... awww..... Not. I spent the entire day making chocolates. Okay, not the entire day, but a good portion of it. I was covered in white and milk chocolate. But I think I did a good job. The tuxedos didn't come out so wonderful in the beginning, but after about four or five bowties, they started to look like they're supposed to.

To "put on" your strawberry's tuxedo, you just dip each bottom corner into the milk chocolate after the white chocolate has dried. That makes the "jacket" Then you take a parchment paper cone filled w/ chocolate and lightly touch the center of the strawberry for the buttons. You don't want to really push out any chocolate, otherwise too much comes out and it will run down the front.
The bow tie was pretty easy once I found the best way to do it. The first few kind of sucked. But all I ended up doing was making a wide X (as opposed to tall or even) and then "filling" in the sides.

And then I helped assemble these awesome fully edible heart shaped boxes for them. Yum....

This is Boo. I kinda messed him up so I thought I'd give him some character. Isn't he adorable?

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Ivy said...

Niki, they are absolutely beautiful. How did you make them? I sure would like to learn about your technique.