Saturday, November 7, 2009

Morningstar veggie burgers are way better than meat burgers!

I recently discovered the yumminess of veggie burgers. But not just any veggie burgers, Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Veggies Burgers. Yum yum yum yum...

N at work is a vegetarian and this past summer during out summer picnic she requested these veggies burgers. I'm not a huge burger person. Well, unless it's a Kuma burger! Then it's a different story.

So anyways, when N asked for these, I got a couple of boxes and omg. Are they soooo good!!! So they are now my burger of choice. You never miss the meat in these things, guaranteed.

So normally on Friday nights, if I have no plans (which I usually don't b/c I'm normally exhausted by 6pm!), I will stop off at Whole Foods to browse for dinner. I was originally thinking something different for dinner, but then I saw their challah rolls and they looked so yummy so ideas formed...

Yeah, well, nearly $40 and only one bag later (don't worry, not all spent on dinner!), I walked out ready for dinner.

Btw, I have to say, the vitamins and supplements section of Whole Foods is awesome. I get my digestive enzymes there, and the 365 brand is pretty decently priced compared to a lot of other products. Thankfully, digestive enzymes are nothing like fiber (which just makes you go-ew I know way too descriptive). Digestive enzymes help your body break down the food, getting rid of the waste and helping you absorb the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. I've been taking them since my doctor said that my stomach doesn't produce enough acid to make the enzymes that aid in digestion and the breaking down of food. When I forget to take it, I feel very full and gross inside. But when I do, I feel like a normal person. It's a wonderful feeling to enjoy food again :)

Getting back on track...

So I also picked up some more Uniekas Dutch cheese and some Manchego cheese. They both have very different flavors, the dutch cheese being more sharp and creamy, while the Manchego has a more mild, but distinct taste and is a bit harder. I sliced some slivers of both and used two veggie patties for my burger. I picked up some guac and organic baby romaine lettuce from Whole Foods as well and that pretty much made the sandwich.

You can cook the burgers on the outdoor grill, an indoor grill, in the oven or in a skillet. The package has the proper times and such, but halfway through, add the cheese so it melts on top.
After I added the cheese and it melted some, I put the patties one on top of the other to melt together a bit more.

I considered putting bacon on them as well, but I forgot about it and burned the couple pieces I had left.

I know normally the lettuce goes on top, but let me tell you, sometimes it is better to have some of the cold items separated. The lettuce always slides around w/ the tomato or onions and it drives me nuts. I didn't have tomato or onion, but I had the guac and it would have been a pain...

Inside of deliciousness
I also made some garlic fries. I love french fries and I love garlic fries even more. I always keep frozen fries on hand, along w/ frozen hash browns, cuz let me tell you. I HATE peeling potatoes. So these are great. My mom recently bought a jar of minced garlic, so I tossed some minced garlic and dried parsley with clarified butter and toss the mix w/ the cooked fries. Crack from fresh black pepper on top and there you go. Awesomely yummy garlic fries.

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