Monday, November 9, 2009

I am not a huge fan of pumpkin right now.

Let me tell you why.

So this weekend wasn't half bad. In fact, it was pretty darn good up until about 1am this morning.

Saturday, my church had their annual arts and crafts fair and I got myself a Beijo bag I have been dying for

The one I got is the one in the middle, the nice pink one!

I got some yummy Greek chicken and rice and "Greek lasagna" for dinner for me and my baby. Sorry, no pics, too hungry!

I spent the night at his place on Saturday night b/c bright and early on Sunday, we were participating in the Tow Trucks for Tots event. Now, we were up at 4:30am and didn't really sleep much b/c his puppy wasn't feeling so good and kept waking us up. So we were running on VERY LITTLE SLEEP. But we had tons of fun and we possibly broke a World Record, by the time we left Rockdale, there were already 350 trucks registered and the record is just under 300!

In Rockdale at the CAT plant
Just some of the trucks, these were the rollbacks. My baby was driving a heavy duty wrecker. I couldn't find a pic of his truck :(

The cute Cub Scouts earning a new badge by helping collect the toys.

So anyways, afterwards, we took a nap for a couple of hours before picking up dinner (at Boston Market, I hadn't been there in years!). Thank God I got a couple hours in b/c the rest of the night...

After we worked on a home project for a bit, I finally got home at 10:30. My car was parked on the street in front of my house, waiting for my dad to come home to move it so I can leave first in the morning w/ no cars blocking me. I went to sleep around 11:30pm... No issues.

Then at 1am this morning, my dad wakes my up by saying, "Niki. Wake up. Does someone hate you?"

Me, said very groggily, "Huh? What's going on?"

Dad, "There is a pumpkin in your back window."

Me, "WHAT?!?!?!?!" That was followed by me shoving my face in my pillow and screaming incoherently for a couple of minutes.
My father silently closed the door. I got up, threw my glasses and a flannel thermal button down on. As I approach my car in the dark, I see this:
Seriously???? Who thinks this is funny????? Who thinks this is a cool thing to do????? I don't. Not at all. So, through the tears, I ask my dad to call the police while I go grab my phone and camera to snap some picks. I still cannot believe this.

Really quick back story. On 12/26/08 someone hit my car while it was parked, in the same EXACT spot on the street and drove off w/out leaving a note. When I discovered it in the morning, it had already rusted over. $500 deduc and a rental car later (which I wasn't even using b/c I was sick!)... it was fixed.
Last week, I got an oil change and tire rotation ($51 total). They discovered I had no rear brakes. Thank God Daddy is a mechanic, b/c only $64 later (as opposed to Firestone's quote of $400), I had new brakes and an new air filter.

Now this:That pumpkin HAD to have weighed about 50 lbs. The little tiny piece of it in the car had to weigh at least 6-7 lbs itself. And that was only a fraction of the pumpkin. The rest of it had been thrown so hard, it dented my roof, shattered the windshield, broke the pillar inside, shot glass onto my DASHBOARD and the rest of the pumpkin that wasn't severed into my car SOARED over the car, leaving a trail of pumpkin seeds and innards on my roof and hood before finally splattering against the rear hatch of my mother's car that was a couple feet in front of mine then falling to the ground into multiple pieces, each weighing at least 6-7 lbs per piece, except one huge piece that had to have been way more than that.

My very messy back seat, even messier now w/ all the little pieces of glass... And my fav red leather briefcase, all scratched up and ruined now from the glass.

I want to throw a 50 lb pumpkin at the little jerk face's head. I had to take the day off work to get all of this taken care of. BTW, I was woken up at 1am and still have not gone back to bed... It's 4:30pm now. I am running on two hours of sleep last night. I am done. Someone please tell me when it is 2010, b/c I am SO DONE WITH THIS YEAR!!!! Especially since I am so broke now!!!! B/w the medical bills, the car bills, and the events (weddings, baptisms...) I have NO MONEY LEFT!!!! I just want to hibernate through the winter until, oh I don't know, maybe the end of Feb?

So I was gonna bake something pumpkin-y tonight. Then this happened, so I am nixing that and gonna make an apple cider pound cake instead.


Maria said...

That seriously stinks and is extremely wrong ... can't really understand people. So disrespectful.

Just take it easy ... in the bigger scheme of life, this is something minor (doesn't seem it now, I know, but it is). Deep breaths ... :)

Shannalee said...

WOW. That is truly awful. (a) I cannot believe someone would do this to a random car on the street - why? (b) and with a PUMPKIN? what in the world! They must have been strong to be able to pick that sucker up.

So sorry for you about this - insurance will cover it all, right? I agree with Maria: take a deep breath and just keep going forward. This will eventually be just a horrible story to look back on.

NikiTheo said...

You guys are right. I think I just needed those couple of days to be depressed and sad and pissed. I keep getting updates on the car repairs and pictures of new damage found, or what it's looking like. It's getting better, not seeing all of the glass and the pumpkin bits stuck in everything...
And yes, insurance is covering everything but my deductable. I also have to pay for a little out of pocket on the rental car, but it's ok. I'll be fine. I'm laughing about it now. The incredulousness of it all makes me laugh.

You better believe my car is never being parked in the street again though!!!!